“From the dream of a young student to an immense achievement which currently represents one of the largest and most recognized companies of elastic ribbons in the world.“

Zanotti Indústria e Comércio Ltda. a company that completes three decades of existence with many stories to tell, great moments to share and many new plans and goals to achieve. In 1981 Valdemar Zanotti joined his studies at Center of Technology’s Industry of Chemical and Textile with his professional experience to establish Transmar, a small company installed in a 15m² ranch that at the time, had only six machines for the production of elastic ribbons.

Arousing the attention of the market, growing and evolving, the company that today is called Zanotti Indústria e Comércio Ltda. and was gaining more customers, always with a fast pace, both with regard to technological advancement, as the delivery time to the customer. And so Valdemar was overcoming every difficulty imposed, creating jobs and forming a team, which calls the "big family". With hard work and dedication, Valdemar Zanotti was writing a history of revolution in the Brazilian market for elastic ribbons.

“We are a reference in the manufacture of elastic ribbons across America. We are more than 1600 employees working in synergy to produce an average of 11 million meters of ribbons per day.“

Zanotti is reference in the segment of elastic ribbons across America and one of the largest manufacturer in the whole world. In Brazil, it has operations throughout the territory, in addition to, selling its products in all the countries of America and maintain active contact on five continents. Its products attends the entire textile chain and are present in the daily lives of people in many different ways: either in the elastic ribbon on the underwear or lingerie, hidden in clothing, in hospital products, footwear, automobile and various other forms.

Today the company produces over 11 million meters of elastic ribbons per day in the manufacturing plant located at Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, with more than 100,000 square meters. 1,600 employees are highly trained to produce with excellence and make the product reaches customers within the strictest standards of quality. All this structure enables Zanotti to offer solutions tailored to the fashion industry. To reach this result, Zanotti is constantly investing in technology and market research. Everything is done to customer receive our products with quality, competitive price and fast delivery.

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